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Amflow® Injection Rate Control Systems

AutoFlow 3A
Complete injection rate control system

All in one ATEX/IECEx Certified Unit

Flow Control Valve


Flow Meter

  Designed for Low Flow Applications

Autoflow 3A  II.gif

Truly Independent

           Downstream Pressure - Independent 

Upstream Pressure - Independent 

Downstream Pressure - Independent

Viscosity - Independent

Specific Gravity (Density) - Independent

Temperature - Independent



           Downstream Pressure - Independent 

Linear flow rate control

Very low flow rates down to .003 LPH

No jet or orifices to clog with debris

Remote & local flow control

The Amflow® AutoFlow 3A reduces the complexity and cost of traditional chemical injection systems by combining a flow control valve, flowmeter, and ATEX/IECEx Certified 24 VDC electronic actuator into a completely automated, locally, or remotely controlled injection rate control system.


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